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  • 徒然草における吉田兼行の価値観
  • 徒然草を読み進めていくと、兼行の価値観が段々と分かってくる。兼行自身の価値観が論じられている段、欲を否定し論じている段、兼行が本当に価値を置いているものを論じた段など、価値観を論じている段は非常に多い。これらの段を要約し、キーワードだと私が考える三つの言葉と重...
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  • What is DSL?
  • What is DSL? I researched about DSL. DSL is a very high-speed connection for Internet. There are several kinds of popular connections for Internet. One ways is modem, which we use telephone line. Second way is LAN (Local Area Network). This connection mos...
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  • 原爆が人体に及ぼす影響について
  • 昭和20年8月6日午前8時15分に世界で初めての原爆が広島に投下され、その三日後の昭和20年8月9日午前11時2分に世界で二つ目の原爆が長崎に投下されることとなった。原子爆弾が人体に及ぼした影響は大きく分けて、熱線、爆風、放射能の三つが挙げられます。この原子爆弾投下により推...
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  • Athenian Democracy
  • The political system of ancient Athens was a democracy, which involved all of its citizens and not merely their representatives by giving them daily access to civic affairs and political power. Both decision-making and decision-enforcing were the duty of every...
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  • 捕鯨に関するレポート
  • 捕鯨に賛成するか、反対するか。この議論の底にある根本的な問題は文化の違いである。私は正直、捕鯨よりも鯨を保護する事の方に重点を置いてもらいたい。これは率直に、鯨がかわいそうであると思ったからだ。しかし、これは私達の感情的な理由に過ぎない。鯨を捕獲し、食べるとい...
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  • Work and Energy
  • Objectives: Use a Motion Detector and a Force Sensor to measure the position and force on a hanging mass, a spring, and a dynamics cart. Then determine the work done on an object using a force vs. position graph. Work can determined graphically as the area ...
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  • Wavelength Lab
  • In this experiment, I don’t think there is not so much error. The reason for this is because we can only make an error in the measurement. The room temperature, humidity may cause some changes but I think in this experiment, we don’t have much effect by thes...
  • 550 販売中 2005/07/30
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  • Newton`s Second Law
  • Aim ; Determine the relationship between mass, force and acceleration. F = m*a (net force = mass times the acceleration) 2. First, we did the experiment that we change “Force”. We do not change the “Mass”. Only change the “Force”. We decided to ta...
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  • Elastic and Inelastic Collision
  • I think momentum will conserve in both elastic and inelastic collisions. In last lab, we conserved that both carts’ momentum came out to be almost the same. I think this time also will be conserved and it will be come out to be same. So, if make a graph, ...
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  • Momentum Lab
  • Aim ; What is the relationship between momentum of 2 carts in an explosion? Momentum = Mass × ΔVelocity List of problems. 1. Movement (slide) of additional weights on the cart. ・ We used cylinder shape weights for additional weights, so when the c...
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  • Determine the identity of an unknown metal.
  • The unknown metal block is provided from the teacher. Determine the identity of an unknown metal (metal block), using 2 physical properties. Each kind of metal has different specific heat. So, if this metal block’s specific heat is calculated, by looking the ...
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  • Determine the force of gravity
  • This experiment’s purpose is to determine the force of gravity using a simple pendulum. A simple pendulum consists of a heavy weight called the bob, supported from a fixed point about which the bob is free to swing by a string of insignificant mass. To calcul...
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