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  • 変身、異邦人で描かれる不条理についての比較
  • ある朝、グレゴールが目覚めるとその体はすでに虫と化していた。作品の冒頭からその様子を細かに描写しつつも、そうなった理由については追求しない。そんな現実には絶対に有り得ないような設定で物語がスタートしていくカフカの『変身』。ある事件をきっかけにムルソーは殺人を犯...
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  • 午後の曳航
  • 13歳の主人公は自分が天才であること、世界はいくつかの単純な記号と決定で出来上っていること、父親や教師は存在自体が害悪であることを知っている。彼の父が他界して5年が経つが、母親は今、息子が抽出の小さな穴から盗み見ているともしらず、とある二等航海士との情事にふけ...
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  • 恐るべき子供たち
  • 主人公は四人の孤児たちです。 彼らは父親がアルコール依存症で病死していたり、母親がコカイン中毒でガス自殺を していたりします。 (ただし、四人のうち、姉弟であるのはエリザベートとポールの二人だけ。 ポールの友人として絡んでくるジェラールと、後にやってくるアガー...
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  • 「砂の女」と「李陵」の比較
  • 「砂の女」と「李陵」、この二つの話の最大の共通点、それは自分の知らない異郷に来てしまうという設定である。しかし、どちらの主人公も望んで異郷に来たわけではない。帰れない、逃げられないといった状況に追いこまれてしまうからである。不可抗力の元に主人公たちは新たな土地...
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  • Language does not make things clear. Instead, it creates confusion
  • Most common way of communication is use of “language”. We speak or write “language” to communicate with each other. We tell our feelings using language. I think “language” is a necessary for our human life. However, “language” often does not make thing...
  • 550 販売中 2005/07/19
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  • “The Beach” Chapter Summary
  • Chapter? Bangkok – A young backpacker Richard arrived to Bangkok. In the guesthouse, he heard man talking about “The Beach”. Then he found the map pinned to the door. He tried to ask man but, when Richard found him, he was already dead. After Richard l...
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  • Save citizens rather than save Okinawa’s Economy
  • When I started researching about the U.S. military bases on Okinawa, I found lots of articles that are against them Many reasons were about the sexual violence from U.S. military personnel; environmental problems and the fear of military accidents. After I rea...
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  • How did the Bolsheviks made their rule more secure?
  • How did the Bolsheviks made their rule more secure? The Bolsheviks made their rule secure in many ways. However, I think mainly there were 3 main factors, which made the Bolsheviks’ rule more secure. Those factors are “dealing with opposition”, “supp...
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  • Comparing the novel of “The Beach” and the movie of “The Beach”
  • Comparing the novel of “The Beach” and the movie of “The Beach” There are many differences between the movie of “The Beach” and the novel of “The Beach”. I think the message of this story didn’t changed from the book, but there are lots of big ch...
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  • Scientific Knowledge
  • The science is one of the important thing in our life. There are basically 3 scientific methods to know and learn something. Those scientific methods are called “The Basic Scientific Method”, “Falsificationism” and the “Scientific Revolution”. Each of th...
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  • Comparing with the Western Fron
  • In the First World War, there were many fronts. The Western Front was only a part of the war that caused problems. Each front had different geography and environment so there were many differences and similarities if we compared with the Western Front. The Ga...
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  • Josie’s perspective on herself
  • Looking for Alibrandi is a story of a teenage Italian background girl called Josephine (Josie). She grows up mentally by experiencing many problems, discoveries and meeting new characters. Through out those experiences, her perspective on other characters chan...
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