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  • Report!!
  • REPORTという単語をデザインに。
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  • What is happiness?
  • In our lifetime, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. I think there are 3 important factors in “happiness”. Those main factors are family, a way of life and money. All these 3 things are related to “happiness”. But most important thing is famil...
  • 550 販売中 2006/01/06
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  • Odyssey Book Review Report.
  • This story is the story of Odysseus’s exciting adventure. He is the hero of Ithaca, and this story take place after the Trojan War. Sparans won this war because of the Odysseus’s intelligent idea. I like this story, because there are many wonderful character...
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  • Maple Syrup Urine Disease
  • Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) is an inherited disorder. It’s a cute and interesting name but, if we don’t treated, this disease will causes mental retardation, physical disability and finally, It results in death.
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  • 光の帝国「大きな引き出し」
  • この話は実際には存在しないような特別な力を持った「常野」の一族の話です。 「常野」の一族は皆、不思議な力を持っています。しかし彼等は、その力をあえて隠し、普通の人々に混じってひっそりと暮らし続ける。人とは違う能力を持ったことによって強いられる苦悩を、まだ小学生...
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  • Child Welfare in Japan
  • My topic is about Child Welfare in Japan. And my main point is on the Child Care Facilities. Many children have serious problems in their home. For example, some are orphan children and some children’s parent is in the hospital. And not only these kinds o...
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