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  • 李陵
  • ● 李陵の人物像 弓の名手でもあった名将、李広の孫。漢の武帝に仕える。祖父の血を受け継ぎ、優れた騎射の腕を持つ。更に部下や 仲間からも厚く信頼されている。 非常に誠実な人物であり、武帝に忠誠を誓っている。匈奴攻撃の際は、たった5千程の歩兵で8万の大軍を相手にした..
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  • アスピリンについての実験(全英文)
  • Aspirin contains a chemical named acetylsalicylic acid (CH3COOC6H4COOH). This experiment’s purpose is to determine the percent of acetylsalicylic acid in tablets of Bayer Aspirin and Bufferin by using the method called a “back titration”. A known amount of ..
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  • 酸でカイワレ大根の育成実験(全英文)
  • Test how acid rain will affect the seed’s sprout. Instead of the real acid rain, make 5 different concentration sulfuric acids (H2SO4) for this experiment (5 different concentration sulfuric acids + 1 for pure water). For seed, select “white radish sprout” ..
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  • How does the temperature of carbonated beverage affect its acidity (pH)?
  • >>> INTRODUCTION Determine the relationship between the temperature of carbonated beverage and its acidity. We feel acid is strong when the soda is really cold. On the other hand, even the exact same type of soda, we feel acid is weak when the drink is warm. ..
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  • Equilibrium Lab(全英文)
  • Object;  Part A - Determine the changing color of the indicator(nethyl orange) in the      reaction(HCL + NaOH) and with water.. Part B - Determine the reaction to form Iron Thiocyanate.  Discussion;  Part A – Q.1 addition of acid --- NaOH + HCL ..
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  • コーヒーと容器の関係(全英文)
  • B. Start the experiment (Paper cup and Styrofoam cup) 1. Put coffee into the Electronic pot, make sure the coffee to be in 60 degrees Celsius. 2. Start recording on the computer (make sure to start with the room temperature), then put coffee into the paper c..
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  • Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?
  • When Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, Hitler slowly began the rearmament of Germany. The Treaty of Versailles restricted German army and also, the treaty demanded Germany to pay lots of reparations. Not only a Hitler, many German thought that the treat..
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  • To what extent can we argue that the Nazis used force to gain power?
  • In 1932 the Nazis became the strongest party in the Reichstag. Then in 1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. The Nazis used many tactics to gain power and supports. They used both force and persuasion (or deals) but in my opinion, I think the Nazis..
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  • World War I
  • There were many causes of the World War?. But I think “Balance of Power” and “Alliance System” were the main long-term causes of the World War?. First, Germany formed alliance with Austria-Hungary. Because if Germany make alliance with other country, Germa..
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  • Subjective nature of peception
  • Fundamentally, we human beings can perceive and interpret something through 2 different views, one is the objective view and other is the subjective view. The objective view is a way to perceive something based on fact and evidence. We have to think logically ..
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  • Western and Eastern Front
  • In the First World War, there were many fronts. However, we can say that the Western Front and the Eastern front were 2 of the main fronts in this war.  First, the Western front was a battle zone between Germany and its enemies, France and Britain. In this fr..
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  • Analgesics.
  • *Analgesics are drugs that reliece pain.  Strong Analgesics) Used for relief of very severe pain.  Mild Analgesics)  Used for relief of mild pain and fever.
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