Child soldiers and their effect


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    In today's conflicts, children are the most tragic victims. It is estimated that more than 22 million children have been displaced by war within and utside their countries. In the last decade alone, some two million of the world’s youngest have died as a direct result of armed conflict. Millions of children have been seriously injured or permanently disabled. Even greater numbers of children have died as a result of malnutrition and disease, but at least more than 300,000 children under 18 years of age have been exploited as soldiers by government armed forces or armed opposition groups in ongoing conflicts. Add to them, there are 500,000 children who are belonging to such groups. Increasingly, children are specifically targeted by combatants or abducted for use in forced labor or as sexual slaves. These shocking facts cannot begin to describe the damage done to an individual child who has survived such brutality.
    It is often imagined that there are no child soldiers in developed countries, but even in that countries, they are exist. In England, it is said that about 7,000 children are serve as soldier in spite of the effort by Minister of National Defense. America has
    also the same situation. Both nation are apprehensive about decreasing of soldiers, thus they can hardly avoid it.
    Children driven from their homes and communities are often left without adequate food, shelter or healthcare. It is also hard for them to receive education.

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    “Child Soldiers and their effect”
    About 800,000 children, who are under 18 years old, around the world are
    being forced to serve as soldiers. These children are not only in Africa, but also in such
    countries as America and England, thus it’s a global problem. The children who are in
    such a situation have got so many disadvantages physically, mentally, and so on. This
    situation should be solved by especially the governments which are in this condition.
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