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    I first studied about "The Canterbury Tales" written by Chaucer in the English history class when I was sophomore. I have studied about classic Japanese such as "Genji-monogatari" and "Makurano-soushi" in high school, but I have not studied about the classic English at all. Everyone knows the representative literary works are Shakespeare, but I would like to study about the literary works and the language and culture in English before Shakespeare era
    I also studied about sociology and gender sociology class as a liberal arts and I particularly studied about love, marriage and sex of different culture. Most people will experience,  now experience and had experienced love and sex, so it is a most mysterious things, therefore it is different from every countries, every cultures, and every religions. The Wife of Bath is the woman who married five men. She is the most prominent and characteristic woman in the Canterbury tales and the women lived in that 13th century. I consider about how the character of the Wife of Bath made and why she was at that time.
    Studying about the Wife of Bath during the seminar in junior and senior, I was attracted to the strength and powerfulness in her and I examined the women who stand on their two legs of at the medieval time (especially 13th century).





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    Title: The Wife of Bath and the Culture
    1, About the Wife of Bath
    a, The character of the Wife of Bath
    b, The character of Wife of Bath from the zodiac view by Curry
    c, The expression displayed about the Wife of Bath
    d, The language from the Wife of Bath
    2, The culture of medieval Europe related with Wife of Bath
    a, The marriage of medieval period
    b, About love and sex
    c, About the Wife of Bath-is she a dangerous woman who doesn't know the atmosphere?- the view of Wife of Bath from lega..