『Charlie and the Chocolate Factory』


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    2)My impressions of this book
    The reason why I chose “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is that the Movie based on this book is now showing. I heard the movie is very popular and the theater is always filled with people. In order to see the film more fun, I need a preparation, it means knowing the story before seeing the film. Moreover, I was attracted by the title of this book because of my loving of chocolate.
    What I felt while reading the book is that this is easy to read very much in spite of a few experience of my reading foreign book. The reason is separated into two. First one is that there aren’t so difficult words since this book is targeted for children. The other reason is about the interesting and unique content. Although the target of book is children, the substance can be enjoyed by any age, I think. When I was reading the book, I felt as if I came back to child. The world of chocolate was so great such as Chocolate River and chocolate waterfall. It reminded me the sweets house in the story of Handel and Gretel. Each of them seemed so delicious that my mouth near watered. I turned over the page quickly because of the amazing movement of story.





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    『Charlie and the Chocolate Factory』
    Summary of this book
    The book tells the story of a young boy, Charlie Bucket. He lives in poverty in a small, single-roomed house, with his parents and both pairs of grandparents. They are very poor, but their house is filled with love. Charlie's greatest lover in life is CHOCOLATE. Due to his family's poverty, however, he only receives a bar once a year, on his birthday.
    Near to Charlie's house is the largest chocolate factory in the world, owned by Mr. Willy...