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  • The Eve of St. Agnes
  • “The Eve of St. Agnes” can be said as a boundary work when focusing on the colour purple. This essay will discuss about Keats’s usage of colour purple as the symbolization of mortality, and discover the reason why it started from “The Eve of St. Agnes”. I..
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  • Ishiguro’s Novel
  • So far, we examined Ishiguro’s short stories and first three novels. The first and the second novels were set in Japan that Ishiguro had not seen for almost 30 years and mainly deal with Japanese. Then, why did Ishiguro try to write the third novel, The Remai..
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  • Ballard’s Experience in Shanghai― From Empire of the Sun
  • In this chapter we will look at how the English writer JG Ballard wrote about Shanghai in his autobiography novel-Empire of the Sun. Ballard was born and grew up to sixteen in Shanghai during the Second War. This is an account of JG Ballard's childhood in Shan..
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  • From Trainspotting to Trainspotting
  • In the Chapter?, we defined what ‘Britpop’ phenomenon was to think about its birth from internal and external factors. The economic policy of the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the rise of ‘rave culture’ were internal factors. It was external factor ..
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  • Comparative Study in Sherlock Holmes and Merlin
  • Comparing Sherlock Holmes with a real wizard in literature must be the interesting attempt, because their similar attributes clarify the wizardly aspect of Holmes. I would like to pick up Merlin, a famous wizard in Arthurian legend, who seems to be a suitable ..
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  • Weapons in Balin’s Tale
  • On discussing Balin’s weapons, I would like to introduce Balin’s tale at first. Balin is a member of the Knights of the Round Table. After the first Lady of the Lake gave Excalibur to Arthur, another lady came with a beautiful sword. She says only “a passin..
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  • ドイツの文学と近代
  • 白雪姫・親指姫・マッチ売りの少女など、授業ではさまざまなグリム童話の日本語版絵本における省略や内容の変更について学んびましたが、私が一番興味を惹かれたのがいばら姫でした。 私が子供の頃読んだ絵本では、12人の妖精と、一人の悪い魔女となっているものと、13人の妖精と..
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