• Proposals in the State of Union 2007
  • Proposals in the State of Union, 2007 The President Bush made a State of Union on the 23rd of January. I want to take a close look
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  • Establishing a Constitutional Nation
  • President Bush announced how Iraq is going to establish a democratic nation by themselves with support from the United States and
  • 550 販売中 2007/01/17
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  • Dream Analysis
  • When I am dreaming something while sleeping, I feel like I am not in a real world. Dreams are strange but also interesting. An Ame
  • 550 販売中 2006/11/28
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  • The Day a Week Starts
  • The Day a Week Starts I attended the Jewish Friday Sabbath service at the Temple Israel in Omaha at 7:30 pm on Friday, November 11
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  • Gender Differences in a Society
  • The article "Think Again: Men and Women Share Cognitive Skills" from the website The Psychology Matters focuses on gender differen
  • 550 販売中 2006/11/20
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  • The Division of the North and the South
  • The North and the South always had controversy after the Compromise of Missouri. However, they were functioning together as parts
  • 550 販売中 2006/11/05
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  • Living in a Period of Changes
  • For the 7th Annual REASON Fall Forum, Chip Berlet talked about “church and state in the new millennium.” He emphasized some key wo
  • 550 販売中 2006/11/04
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  • Mead and Freeman- Which Is Right?
  • Margaret Mead is said to be one of the pioneers of the field of psychological anthropology. She concluded what determines conflict
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  • What Was the True Nature of Slavery?
  • Studying American History, I found the controversy about slavery arose at any occasions. Slavery brought great effects to American
  • 550 販売中 2006/11/04
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  • Federalist and Democratic-Republican
  • The two-party political system had established after the revolution. One was Federalist Party, led by Secretary of Treasury Hamilt
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