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  • カナダ・オーストラリアにおける「多文化主義」について
  • はじめに  「多文化主義」を辞書で引くと、「一社会に複数の文化が対等な関係で共存することをよしとする考え方。他民族国家における民族間関係の一モデルでもある」とある。関根政美の『多文化主義の到来』によると、カナダやオーストラリアで「多文化主義」の有効性が認識され始..
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  • ギリシャ演劇とオイディプス王
  • はじめに  前期、「演劇と教育」では蜷川幸雄演出、野村萬斎主演の『オイディプス王』の一部分を見た。『身毒丸』なども手がけ、国際的な評価も高い蜷川幸雄と、狂言師であり映画やドラマなどでも多彩な活動を見せる野村萬斎が、ギリシャの古典悲劇であり、精神分析などでも「エデ..
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  • 「ポーランド文学の中のロマン主義について」
  • はじめに  前期の世界の文学Cでは、ポーランド・ロマン主義について詳しく学んだ。文学に焦点を当て、そこからポーランド最大のロマン派詩人であるAdam Mickiewicz(ミツキェヴィチ)などについても学び、彼の作品で、ポーランド・ロマン主義文学の最高傑作と言われている「パン・..
  • 550 販売中 2006/01/18
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  • “Rock ’n’ Roll and America.”
  • Introduction  There are a lot of people in the world who love rock ’n’ roll. Still, many popular rock ’n’ rollers exist. However half century has passed since rock ’n’ roll was born, its status is fixed even today. Why is it? Rock ’n’ roll, isn’t it ..
  • 550 販売中 2006/01/18
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  • “American Psycho and Yuppie.”
  • Introduction  The yuppie style was an embarrassment, even to its most ardent practitioners. It was too conformist, too anxiety-ridden, and, in an America increasingly polarized by class, not even cute,” Barbara Ehrenreich said in her book, Fear of Falling: T..
  • 550 販売中 2006/01/18
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  • The Mission
  • The Mission is the movie about religious, economical, and political power. The first one, religion, is the theme of this movie. Religious power is the story about the missions by Jesuit. The Guarani had their own religion, of course. However, some Guarani were..
  • 550 販売中 2006/01/18
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  • “Black Harvest” by Robin Anderson
  • Black Harvest is the documentary about Joe Leahy, the Ganiga and the coffee plantation of Kaugum. Joe Leahy is half Australian and half Papuan. His father, Michael Leahy is the Australian but Michael didn’t recognize Joe as his own and Joe had been ignored by..
  • 550 販売中 2006/01/18
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  • Pros and Cons of Communicative Language Teaching.
  • Introduction.  In this world, there are a lot of teaching methods. In Japan, fiercely competitive entrance examination exists. Therefore, teachers tend to teach English for the entrance examination to their students. That kind of English teaching doesn’t mak..
  • 550 販売中 2005/12/25
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  • Myth in the Bible: the Book of Joshua
  • In the Book of Joshua, there are a lot of the attacks and the distribution of the lands to the tribes. Joshua is a successor of Moses and tells the God’s words to Israelite people. And these God’s words through Joshua are about social things and individual t..
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  • Psycho Film Review
  • Psycho Director: Alfred Hitchcock Actors: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin Running Time: 109 minutes Rated: Not rated Review Writer: Rie Aizawa  When we hear the name of Alfred Hitchcock, we remember The Birds (1963), Vertigo (1958),..
  • 550 販売中 2005/12/25
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  • Crooklyn Film Review
  • Crooklyn Director: Spike Lee Actors: Alfre Woodard, Delroy Lindo, Zelda Harris Running Time: 113 minutes Rated: Not rated Review Writer: Rie Aizawa Introduction  What is the word “Crooklyn”? Crooklyn means Brooklyn and it is the word that black childr..
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  • 女偏の漢字分析
  • はじめに  私はこれまで漢字を習ってきて、「女偏」から成る漢字というものに、興味を抱いてきた。新しい漢字を知るたびに、その漢字のつくりをいちいち見ていたわけではないのだが、小学校の先生に、女偏は「嫌」や「妙」など、印象の悪い漢字に使われている、と言われ、初めてそ..
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