How does the Information Technology (IT) negatively affect human communication?


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    If we consider about Information Technology (IT), we realize that it contain both positive and negative aspects. In this essay, I talk about “How does the information technology negatively affect human communication”. In other words, I am mainly focused on the effects of IT on our mental health, not physical or technological. I raise some problems, which already occurring in reality and also what problems might happen in the future. Then I suggest some solutions to the problems.

    IT creates many possibilities in entertainment, business and social communication. IT is a tool for communicating throughout the world and for acquiring and dispatching knowledge and it can make our life easier.

    On the other hand, IT may cause serious problems. IT may decrease the human relationship because there is no face-to-face communication involve in IT technology. If most things can be done on the Internet or phone, we can’t avoid decrease in human communication. I think it’s more serious for children. If parents teach and give IT instrument from young age, those children will probably use IT often. If they already know the risk of the IT, there is not so much worry. However, usually they don’t, lots of harmful information is available on the Internet and IT can have addiction. Both can be serious problems, which may can lead to communication problems. Essentially, it can disturb future life.

    What we can do to improve and avoid these problems is to understand the problems. If you understand the risk of this technology, you can be able to handle with them. The most important thing is to use correctly and don’t fool around with the technology. Especially, adults should understand the problems and they have a responsibility to teach children about the risk and the problems of the Information Technology.

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    "How does the Information Technology (IT) negatively affect human communication?"
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    1. Introduction Page 3
    2. What are the differences between "real communication" and the "IT communication"?
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    3. How does the cyber space can change human characteristics? Page 5
    4. How does the IT can affect children's future communication skills?
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    5.What kind of problems already occurring in the society? Page 7
    6.What are solutions and how we can avoid the problems?...