Tourism problems


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       As  more  and  more  tourists  travel  all  over  the  world,  some  areas  are  starting  to  experience  problems  that  this  increased,  uncontrolled   tourism  brings.  However,  with  support  from  governments,  many  of  these  problems  can  be  overcome.

       First  tourism  problem  is  pollution  which  caused  by   people’s  rubbish.  More  and  more  people  go  to  the  beautiful  mountains,  paradise,  beach  and  bush.  They  can  access  these  place  easily  by  airplane.  Popular  places  for  sight-seeing  are  faced  to  rubbish  problem  which  are  brought  by  visitor.  In  the  mountains,  once  the  things  throw  away,  the  soil  could  not  digests  at  all.  In  the  sea, one  drop  of  oil  needs  a  swimming  pool  of  water  to  clarify  the  sea.  If  someone  discovered  the  bush,  a  lot  of  explorers  might  go  to  the  frontier.  Then,  the  bush  becomes  famous  and  tourism  industry  will  certainly  develops  the  place.  The  places  surely  suffer  from  the  rubbish.

       Second  tourism  problem  is  introduction  of pests.  New  Zealand,  for  instance,  lost  many  wild  birds  because  new  animals  and  pests  came there  with  the  British.  Most  of  these  wild  birds  could  not  fly  because  they  did  not  need  to  fly.  They  ate  the  small  animals  in  the  ground  and  they  did   not  have  natural  enemies  that  made  them  flee  to  the  higher  place.  New  plants  and  new  diseases  are  also  same  problems.





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    Tourism problems
    As more and more tourists travel all over the world, some areas are starting to experience problems that this increased, uncontrolled tourism brings. However, with support from governments, many of these problems can be overcome.
    First tourism problem is pollution which caused by people's rubbish. More and more people go to the beautiful mountains, paradise, beach and bush. They can access these place easily by airplane. Popular places for sight-seeing are faced to rubbish..