Men are better drivers than women


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    [   Many  people  believe  that  men  are  better  drivers  than  women.  I  mostly  agree with  this  statement  because  although  men  sometimes  drive  more  dangerously  than women,  women  are  more  easily  distracted  when  driving  and  tend  to  be  more indecisive  than  men.  ]

        Compared  to  men,  women  are more  easily  distracted  like  women’s shopping.  When  they  drive  on  the  main  street  in  the  city,  it  is  hard  for  them  to concentrate  on  driving.  Once  they  find  a  restaurant  which  looks  nice,  they  may think  about  the  day  when  they  going  to  the  restaurant  with  their  boyfriend.  If  they  have  something  to  worry  about,  their  mind  is  occupied  by  only  that  thing.  Waiting for  call  from  their  boyfriend  is  an  example  of  that.  They  never  turn  off  their mobile  phone,  and  as  soon  as  the  phone  rings,  they  will  answer  it.  They  will drive  while  they  are  talking  on  the  phone.

    Moreover,  women  tend  to  be  more  indecisive.  Most  women  take  a  long  time  to park  their  car  even  though  there  are  plenty  of  spaces  because  they  look  for another  bigger  space.  Besides,  they  will  go  through  the  intersection  when  the  light changes  from  yellow  to  red.  The  trouble  is  that  they  are  indecisive  and  cannot  make  up  their  minds  whether  to  stop  or  go.

      Similarly,  men  also  sometimes  drive  dangerously.  The  main  reason  is  for  show. They  tend  to  put  on  airs  especially  when  they  give  girls  a  ride.  By  and  large


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    Men are better drivers than women?
    May 27
    [ Many people believe that men are better drivers than women. I mostly agree with this statement because although men sometimes drive more dangerously than women, women are more easily distracted when driving and tend to be more indecisive than men. ]
    Compared to men, women are more easily distracted like women's shopping. When they drive on the main street in the city, it is hard for them to concentrate on driving. Once they find a restaurant which loo..