What causes road accidents


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    Can we stop all  road  accidents?
    The answer is NO, but  we  can  reduce  them.  Some  accidents  are  caused  by  road  conditions,  disasters  and sudden  illness  so  we  cannot  live  in  perfect  traffic-safe  world.
       There are  some  conditions  that  we  cannot  change  as  we  want.  The  weather,   for  instance.  I  do  not  like  to  drive  when  it  is  very  foggy.  I  do  not  like  to  drive  when  it  is  snowing.  Although  I  do  not  like  to  drive  under  those  conditions,  sometimes  I  have  to.  All  I  can  do  is  drive  carefully.  I  never  drive  too  fast  for  those  conditions.  If  roads  become  icy,  I  do  not  drive  without  chains.  I know  that  lack  of  equipment  can  cause  road  accidents.  Another  contribution  to  road  accidents  is  conditions.  What  do you  do  when  you  find  a  big  hole  in  front  of  you  on  the  road?  Sometimes  you  can  stop,  but  sometimes  you cannot  stop,  because  of  your  speed.  If  you  want  to  stop,  do  not  drive  too  fast.
         I  think  the  main  factor  in   road  accidents  is  our  attitude  to  driving.  I  think  there  are  too  many  people  who  do  not  respect   the  traffic rules.  We  must  go  to  work.  We  must  go  to  school.  However  once  you  are  caught  in  a  traffic  jam,  you  feel  annoyed.  As  a  result  you  may  cause  an  accident.  Whatever  you  feel  annoyed  about,  do  not  drive  fast  or  overtake  dangerously.  Keep  calm  and  do  not  fail  to  give  way.  If  you  feel  tired,  do  not  drive  more.

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    What causes road accidents?
    Can we stop all road accidents?
    The answer is NO, but we can reduce them. Some accidents are caused by road conditions, disasters and sudden illness so we cannot live in perfect traffic-safe world.
    There are some conditions that we cannot change as we want. The weather, for instance. I do not like to drive when it is very foggy. I do not like to drive when it is snowing. Although I do not like to drive un..