The Busiest Day


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    We often hear the word "International." If you look up the word in a dictionary, you will find its meaning as having relationships with other countries or so. Today, Japan has a lot of problems which are not only domestic but also related to foreign countries. In other words, Japan has many relationships with other foreign countries. But can we say that "Japan is an international country" only in this sense written in a dictionary? I think that the word "international" has much more aspects. We have to think about other meanings of the word.
         I will introduce an idea of one of my partner's. She said, "Japan is not an international country because it does not allow immigrant to come in. Therefore immigrants who want to come to Japan are at a loss and another country have to accept them. " Her idea was that Japan should share the tasks that are imposed upon all countries. Japan should cooperate with other countries, which means to be "international."
         I do agree with this idea. I think that this aspect is one of the diffinitions of "an international country." Some month ago, a family run away from North Korea asked the government of Japan to let them in. If they were not accepted, their lives could be in danger. But Japan would not allow them to come in. They were accepted in other country (I do not remember which country they went, sorry). Of course it is important to keep profit and status of Japan in the world. I know that the government has some reasons why it does not accept immigrants. To keep the social order may be one of the reason. However,

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    The Busiest day
    Last Wednesday was one of the busiest days of in this several months. I got up at five in the morning to do my homework that I left undone last night. It was the time to go to my university when I managed to finish the task that cost me two hours.
    Then I rushed to the station near my..