Agentsoft Company Introduction: Japan : テキストデータ

Japanese Version Overview
(Last updated Feb., 2009) started as a Japanese version of on Dec. 15, 2004. As you can see, the mother site is a good example of knowledge marketplace where millions of documents are being shared or traded between millions of users since Jun. 2000. But Japanese version has been adapting to Japanese Internet environment since its beginning and now that it became to have a little different service feature. Not only knowledge marketplace but also knowledge management tool became the main service feature of Japanese version. Knowledge management is a broad concept that covers backing up, sharing, trading, converting to application free format, controling various access permissions and so on of all types of knowledge which is expressed in the form of document, photo, audio, video and whatever. We know it is impossible to implement the whole broad concept but we know that we can do our best.
The most difficult step in building the marketplace process is the initial gathering of document set. The initial document set can get the attention from knowledge buyers and these buyers act as marketers and eventually draw more knowledge sellers, and so on. Without the initial document set knowledge marketplace can’t be established. Thus whether the initial document set is gathered or not is one of the critical success factors of knowledge marketplace.
After several years of effort we've successfully passed the initial gathering. Now substantial number of users are considering our service as an efficient tool for their knowledge works. They get ideas from the knowledge of others and upload the newly created knowledge for others. Now, Japanese version has more than 60,000 subscribers and more than 37,000 items(documents and photos) which is almost double and quadruple respectively of those of 2007.
We are now concentrating on developing various features of services which include multi-media support such as photos, videos, and audios to imple ment the knowledge management tool concept. As a first result we renewed our site Jan. 21, which provides users to upload and manage their photos. We are still killing some bugs hidden in our site, we believe our service quality has been upgraded than before when it comes to search, detail view, document tool, and other features. If you want to know more visit
For our faith to knowledge marketplace and management tool, we steadily hear voices from our users and upgrade our service.
Contact Information
Seoul, Head Office
Agentsoft Co., Ltd.
#211 Woolim eBiz Center, 184-1, Guro3, Guro, Seoul, Korea
T. +82-2-890-3333 F. +82-2-890-3334
Tokyo, Japan Office
〒103-8246 東京都中央区日本橋2丁目6番5号 日本橋2丁目ビル6F
T. 03-3246-2060
Management Team
JeongTae Kim
Chairman of the board
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and director YiHwan Yoon
Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer and direc tor SungSik Cho
Co-founder, Director of Overseas Business and director
Our Crew Members
MoonSung Soh Chief of Japanese version Keiko Inden staff Tomoko Nakaoka staff
History of AgentSoft
Dec. 2004 was opened Jun. 2005 Advertisement at Aoyama Gakuin University Advertisement at Mainichi Communications Advertisement at Waseda University Advertisement at Hosei University Advertisement at Ritsnavi Jul. 2005 Overture keyword advertisement started. Oct. 2005 Renewed. May. 2006 Purchasing point started. Dec. 2006 Domain address was changed to Nov. 2007 Renewed. Trading with cash started. Nov. 2008 HAPPYCAMPUS was registered as a trademark in classes 35, 41 and 45 Jan. 2009 Renewed. Photo service was added. Search engine was upgraded. Management tool beta was added. Partners
MediaLand Co. (
Mainich Communications Inc. (
R-Station (
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