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The Foods of Normandy
1. Introduction
Normandy is northern France. The area is near the Strait of Dover, eating many kinds of shell and shellfish. There are Dover soles, flatfishes, mackerels, cods, crabs, shrimps, clams, and etc. especially, Dover soles are cooked “the sole fillet of Normandy.” This is a very famous food.
On the other hand, the area is abundant in meats, because there are a field flat with grass and the warm weather. The famous meats are Normandy’s kind of beef, lambs, pork, and chickens.
When Normandy’s people eat or cook sautés by fishes and meat, they often use “the sauce Normandy” with them. The sauce is based fresh cream. It is very simple, but it is very match any materials.
And in the area, the famous alcohol is “Calvados” and “Cidre” (Cider). When people drink alcohol, they like to drink them as special drinks.
2. The Food of Fish (1)
The most famous fish food is “Filets de sole a la normande”, “the sole fillet of Normandy”. It is bas ed “the Matelote of sole of cider.” It is a traditional food from 19th century, it was cooked in Paris.
This is the recipe. First, removes a sole internal organ, peeling the skin off the sole. Next, put it into a gratin dish, pouring the white wine and a little butter into the dish. Roasting it in the oven. After that, take out the sole, boiling the sole juice in other pan, adding fresh cream, a yolk, and a little butter. And put the souse on the dish with boiled oysters, shrimps, mushrooms, and etc. This dish usually uses white wine, but it uses cidre (cider) as a traditional style. (Instead of white wine, the dish uses cider as a traditional style.) (日仏料理協会(2000))
2. The Food of Fish (2)
“Filets de sole a la normande”
(The Sole Fillet of Normandy)
3. The Food of Meat (1)
The most famous meats food is “Poulet vallée d’ Auge”, “ the Sautés of Chickens of Auge Valley.” The main ingredient of this food is cider and chickens, and sauce. First, chickens cut the light sizes. Next, Fry up these by using butter. Then, sifts cider on the pain, take off fired alcohol. After that, take off chickens from the pan, putting fresh cream as the sauce of Normandy on leave-fried juice, and simmering it. Last, the source put on chickens. (ノルマンディの地方料理: Homepages)
3. The Food of Meat(2)
“Poulet vallée d’Auge”
( the sautés of chickens of Auge valley.”)
4. Alcohol...Calvados (1)
It is apple brandy. In 1900s, it took name from “Camvados prefecter.” Calvados needs to make cidre (cider). Cidre made from aged from more a year ago, distilling from it. After that, it must age in barrels of oak more than a year. For example, making “calvados du puys d’Auge”, using la bisquet, cimetière de Blagny as source of apples. It does not distill so much, making more than alcohol content of 4 percents cidre. And it is distilled by old style. It is completed good calvados.
There is the distilling time. The three stars are two years. The Vieux and reserve are three years. The VO (Very Old) and the Vieille reserve are four years. The VSOP is five years. The Napoléon, extra, hors d’age, and inconnu are more than five years. But we have to be careful the name. The case of just writing “Calvados”, it is sometime blended some kinds of Calvados. (日仏料理協会(2000) )
4. Alcohol...Calvados(2)
The Vieux, the VO, the Vieille
4. Alcohol...Cidre (1)
“Cidre” (cider) is made by apples. It is sparkling alcohol. The color is many types: from orange to yellow. The taste is sweet, fiery, and acidity. Why Cidre makes Normandy, because the part of Auge is a major source of apples. The crime cannot grow grapes. Normandy’s people drink Cidre very much. “Calvados” is also distilled from Cidre.
Cidre has some theories. First, Hebrew gives Cidre in Normandy from in St. Hieronymus. Second, Arabian does not drink alcohol content of high percent wine. They make like wine by apples and pears. Anyway, Normandy’s people stared to make Cidre since 12th century.
4. Al cohol...Cidre (2)
The area is a good weather condition for growing apples. It develops production. It is saying, “Cidre is Normandy” since the pride of Napoleon. Cidre has three kinds. First, the Cidre brut is an alcohol content of more than 5 percent. Next, the Cidre doux is an alcohol content of not more than 3 percent. Last, the Cidre bouche is putting the stopper, leaving sugar, and distilling on the bin by the old style. (日仏料理協会(2000))
4. Alcohol...Cidre (3)
The Cidre brut, the Cidre doux, the Cidre bouche
5. Conclusion
The food of Normandy’s feature is used “sauce Normandy”, matching meat and fishes food.
The alcohol of Normandy’s feature is used apples as sources.
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